Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is amber?

Baltic amber is fossil resin produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe about 50 million years ago. The resin was washed out of the forest floor by large rivers and transported south towards the sea. In the course of time the resin was transformed to amber due to processes of polymerisation and oxidation.

Where is amber found?

Found since Neolithic times, amber is considered to be one of the biggest treasures of our nature. You need evidence? Just explore the unique and extraordinary beauty of every single piece of amber. It preserves a tiny bit of nature as it is nature who is the creator of it and not man. Lithuanian sea sides are famous for the amber found on the shores of the Baltic Sea. What is more, Lithuania even has its own Amber Museum in Palanga, one of the biggest Lithuanian sea sides. Many souvenirs made from amber are sold in Lithuania and by some people amber is even considered to be the gold of nature.

Europeans have used amber for centuries and believed it had magical powers. All our amber is sourced by us and then handmade for us by our team of ladies in Lithuania into the beautiful jewellery you see in our store.

If you have an allergy to trees or tree resin please do not use amber as it may cause an allergic reaction.

How do I choose a crystal or gemstone?

You do not need to know the exact properties of every stone in order to buy one, although this may help. It is more important to be receptive and allow yourself to be drawn to a stone that will have meaning for you. Browse through the pictures of the various crystals and note which section most appeals to you. Spend some time browsing through that section. You may find yourself excited by the picture of a particular crystal, with a powerful urge to touch and feel it and a sense of frustration that you cannot. If you feel that you very much want that crystal to be a part of your life, it is likely that on some level it has something to offer you. For example, you may feel drawn to a rose quartz crystal because you need something in your life that can help you develop a love of yourself. If nothing strongly appeals to you, accept that the time is not right and come back on another day when perhaps a crystal will plead with you to take it home with you. This is a very good guide too

You can then search our website for the crystal you need or request a custom by emailing us.

How do I recharge and clean my items?

Clean with warm water and a soft cloth and rub with olive oil. Avoid detergents and cleansers as they leave a residue on the amber. To prolong its life, please remove when swimming or bathing as this will weaken the thread. Charge (clean) following an illness or if it gets dirty. Full care guide enclosed.

I don’t know which one I need? What colour is best?

Go with what you are drawn to. Amber comes in many colours from dark (cherry) to light (lemon). The lighter colours are more popular. Dark colours such as brandy snap, blackforest and evergreen are common for boys. Amber comes in polished and raw form. Raw amber can irritate pre-existing eczema conditions. If you or your child has eczema, please use polished amber instead.

What do each of the stones do?

We are unable to list the healing properties due to advertising regulations.

Please see our blog for more information on this.

You can type each stone into google as there are many great sources of information about them and their physical properties on there.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Always seek medical or mental health advice for any ailments you may have.

Can I resell or reuse my old amber?

Yes, we have a second hand selling group specifically for Love Amber x products. If you do sell on Ebay or Facebook yourself. Please include packaging and instructions / care information or direct customers to the warnings and safety guides on this website.

How can I make it easier to get them on and off?

You can link the anklets together like a long necklace and wrap. They all screw into each other.

How many do I need and does it depend on weight?

We started with two but many start off with one. Up to you If you want to add more. It is not dependant on weight but many customers added more as the child got older.

How do I make a custom order?

Please email with the size you need and the stones required or design. Please note you must pay for it first to secure the order. It normally takes 2 weeks to get ordered, made and sent back ready to post out to you. You will be notified when it arrives at Love Amber x.

How do I order a gift voucher to use on your site?

Email with the amount you need and whether you would like it electronic or on paper. We will arrange this and send it out to you after payment.

My jewellery just broke. Can you fix it?

You are covered for 6 months for defects. I’m afraid we don’t repair jewellery as it is not cost effective for you as it would be cheaper to buy new.

We will be checking all returns against past orders to ensure they were originally purchased from Love Amber x. We replace amber from any other supplier so please do not send them to us.

My amber has stretched and falls off. Can you help?

Yes, please follow the returns guide on our website. Please include a detailed note. As long as it is within warranty (6 months) we will replace it. We cannot replace items that have been pulled and stretched by a child.

Are they real?

We only sell genuine Baltic amber and gemstones from suppliers that we have used for years. Please feel free to view our Facebook reviews from many happy customers.

Fake amber is freely available on big auction and retail sites. Very often it is plastic or cheap copal. The price if often the best indicator. Real amber is not cheap. Also, companies not based in the UK are not under UK regulation so you don’t know what you are putting on your child. Our products were tested by a UK accredited lab for dangerous chemicals (EN71:3) and we passed.

A certificate from our supplier (details removed) is also available on request.

How can I test my amber that I purchased elsewhere?

There are several tests you can perform to check if your amber products are real. Two common tests are:

The Rubbing Test

This is the simplest and safest test. Wrap the necklace in a soft cloth and rub rub rub – if it’s true amber it will become electrostatically charged enough to pick up small pieces of paper. Copal will not take on an electrostatic charge and may become sticky.

The Alcohol Test

Both copal and plastic will deteriorate when they come into contact with a solvent. “Plastics are quickly attacked by alcohol (95% ethyl alcohol), acetone (100%), and ether. A few drops of acetone (fingernail polish remover) or alcohol dripped over the surface of the piece will reveal if it holds up to the solvent. If the surface becomes tacky, it’s not amber. Amber will not feel tacky or dissolve under these solvents.”

Can they be worn in the bath, swimming or at night?

Please remove amber or gemstone jewellery for swimming and the bath as the chlorine is not good for it and prolonged wetting will weaken the thread and the glue in the safety clasps.

Always remove amber necklaces from the child’s neck while sleeping or unattended. See our safety guidelines for more information.

What is recharging and how do I do it?

Recharging is effectively cleaning your item. Please wash with warm water, rub with olive oil and keep somewhere warm for a couple of hours. In the airing cupboard, on top of a towel on the radiator, in the sun or even down your bra! It all helps. The olive oil will make raw amber slightly shiny but it will still be raw amber.

How many anklets do I need?

We used two but many people start with one and add more as time goes on. There is no set limit and you can use as many as you like together.

They all screw into each other so that will make fastening them a little easier.

What healing properties do they have?

Due to strict UK advertising regulations, we are unable to list what they are believed to help with. The items have not been lab tested for effectiveness therefore we are not allowed to make health claims. One day, I hope, this may change. Please note that they are not a replacement for medical care or therapy.

Which one do I need for teething?

In the UK ( due to EU small parts legislation and UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA)) we are unable to market them for this purpose and we must include the small parts warning on every item stating that they are unsuitable for children under 36 months. Please see our blog for more information on this.

All children pictured on our site are over the age of 3 years.

Suitable for children 3 years and over only

Are you a trusted retailer?

We are indeed. Any legitimate UK company would never hide contact address / business address. We are also a registered UK company (Number 09851689) and are VAT registered in the UK (Number GB 205 3768 16). We fully abide by UK distance selling regulations and have an extended warranty of 365 days.

I want to sell your products in my shop. Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes, we do. We are also VAT registered in the UK. Minimum order value of £450 wholesale price. Postage, admin/ warehouse and import duty is the responsibility of the buyer. Our packaging and safety leaflets must be used by the store as they have been overseen by trading standards.

UK and Europe only please as product liability does not extend beyond those territories for wholesale.

Please email with your shop details to speak to us about opening a wholesale account.

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfer, PayPal, postal orders / cheque and Klarna. Klarna is the payment handling system that we use for credit or debit cards. With Klarna, there is also the option to buy now and pay after delivery. It is a great way to buy on a budget.

How do I pay with Paypal or bank transfer?

Go to basket, click the Paypal icon

You will be taken the checkout page.

Scroll down to the bottom and select Paypal or bank transfer.

How do I pay with Klarna?

Pay with Klarna

Klarna is our payment handling software.  You can use this to pay immediately by credit or debit card.

Click checkout and you will be taken to Klarna checkout. If you have shopped before using Klarna, it will remember your details.

In some cases Klarna offers buy now pay later as an option.  This is great if you are in a hurry or waiting for payday but you need the item sooner.

Please remember to pay as Klarna will pursue you for payment and may add interest to the final amount for late payments.

If that is the case the issue is between you and Klarna as a lender.

I received a letter from Klarna

Klarna is the company we use to provide a buy now pay later facility in addition to immediate payments.

You have 12-14 days to settle your outstanding payment. Please ensure you pay for your items by logging in here with the email you used to order.

If you do not settle your outstanding payment then Klarna will send you a letter. Late payment will result in a small fine / interest.

You will need to contact Klarna if you receive this letter as the ‘contract’ is between you and them as lenders.

Unfortunately they will not talk to us about your account.

It is your responsibility to settle your account and clear the outstanding amount.

Gemstones crystals and colours

It is normal for gemstones to vary in colour or to lose intensity / clarity over time. This is due to wear and tear.

Like anything sunlight and detergents can also cause fading over time. You can recharge the crystals in moonlight to help bring back their clarity.

Dragon agates and lapis lazuli is enhanced as agate is normally grey / white and lapis has calcite inclusions  which are white. To achieve a uniform colour for jewellery making this colour is enhanced by the bead supplier at source. Some colour transfer may occur in hot or sweaty areas. If this occurs then remove and wash or soak in warm water, dab with paper towel and air dry. It is normal for beads to fade.

The dragon agates are pre soaked on arrival at the beaders which is why they are speckled looking like the picture


Lapis lazuli has grey white flecks throughout and looks like this before it is enhanced. Over time the stones will return to their natural shade. The excess colour is removed before beading but can still transfer under hot an sweaty conditions. Items affected have this mentioned in the descriptions.


Are some gemstones enhanced?

Where a gemstone’s colour has been enhanced, it will be specified on the product description. Gemstones are enhanced for aesthetic reasons in jewellery making as most naturally have a dull appearance. As with all colours, sunlight wear and tear and detergents will cause them to fade over time. If the fading is extreme, please contact us to arrange a replacement or refund.

Our enhanced agates and lapis lazuli beads where stated have been tested at an independent accredited UK lab against EN71:3 safety standards and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They have passed all compliance tests.

Does your amber contain dangerous chemicals?

Our genuine amber does not. At the request of trading standards and for extra peace of mind we have dip sampled our products to be tested against EN71;3 standards. They do not contain any dangerous chemicals that may migrate and harm you. Our UK accredited lab tests and certificate results can be requested by email

Please beware of amber items purchased elsewhere as they may not have valid UK accredited lab EN71 chemical tests.

Complaints Or Queries:

We try to meet the highest standards in online trading. For this reason, we take any complaints we receive about our services very seriously. We encourage people to bring it to our attention if they think that our services, products or terms and conditions are unfair, misleading or inappropriate. We would also welcome any suggestions for improving our procedures.


How do I measure?

Measuring for a Necklace
Measure in centimetres leaving a 2 finger gap between the neck and the tape.
Ensure it is not too long as they can get it over their chin and into the mouth.
Amber is not for chewing and as it is a resin it will shatter under pressure.
If it is too tight it could be uncomfortable and pose a risk.
We sell necklaces from 28cm up to 40cm for children and 40cm 70cm for adults.

Measuring for Anklets and Bracelets
Ensure the fit is snug and not too loose as it will roll over the ankle and fall off.
If it is too tight as it will become uncomfortable.
Measure the child in the standing position to ensure the ankles can flex correctly with comfort when walking.
Measure in centimetres using a measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler.
You should be able to get the tip of your finger under the tape.
Please note, children between 3 and 5 years old should wear as an anklet and not a bracelet.

For more information click here

What size do I need for my child or myself?

Please follow the measuring and safety guidelines on our site. No two children are the same. Please measure carefully using a piece of string and a ruler or measuring tape. Please do not guess the size needed. Anklets can stretch over time as the knots tighten and loosen up. When you first receive your item, it will be tightly strung. Please take that in to account when ordering. If you need to stretch it slightly, pull gently to tighten the knots. Please do not hold by the safety clasps when you do this as they will break (as they are designed to do that if pulled).


What happens if it breaks?

Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are for wearing and NOT for chewing

Wear at all times but remove for swimming and bathing.
Detergents and perfumes will damage the item.
Wear under a sock and do not allow to be pulled.
Amber is soft so keep stored in the natural fabric bag to stop it getting scratched.
Necklaces should be removed from the neck when the child sleeps or is unattended.
Necklaces can be worn on the ankle. This is done by double-wrapping the necklace around the ankle, and placing a sock over the foot to keep the necklace stationary and warm.
Check frequently for cracks and damage as it can shatter if regularly hit or has been stood on.
We do not sell bean or olive shaped amber for children as it splits easily and becomes sharp and is also a choking hazard as it is larger.

They are fastened with a plastic screw barrel clasp that is designed to break if pulled.

Metal clasps are not allowed for use with children as they will not release if needed.

Magnetic clasps are also dangerous if swallowed by a child and we do not sell these either.

For more information visit out safety information page here

Does raw amber cause eczema?

No, it doesn’t cause eczema but can irritate pre-existing eczema. Please use polished amber instead.

Can my baby chew my amber necklace?

Please do not allow your baby to chew your amber necklace. We sell silicone teething necklaces for chewing in our store.

Are they safe?

We recommend that you keep your child under supervision whilst wearing an Amber anklet, bracelet or necklace.

We strongly recommend that the child does not wear a necklace whilst sleeping.

Do not allow them to play with it.

It is not a toy and should not be chewed.

It contains small parts which can break off if chewed or inhaled it can pose a risk.

It is not suitable due to small parts for children under 36 months of age.

Children between 3 and 5 years should wear them on the ankle.

We have had them tested for nasty chemicals and they have passed EN71:3 Standard for toys.

When not being used keep it in the supplied branded bag and out of reach of young children.

Never put an elasticated item on a child as there are no safety knots and it is a major hazard if it snaps and scatters.


How long is delivery?

All amber / gemstone orders will be sent by Royal Mail First Class in a protective padded envelope

Delivery in the UK from 2-3 days after you receive the dispatch email

Delivery in Europe (5-7 days) and Worldwide from 12 – 14 days

For more information click here

How much is postage?

UK first class postage is included in the price

In addition flat rate postage to the rest of Europe will be capped at £3.90 for amber.

International Postage will be capped at £9.99.

Fast Shipping!

For more information please click here 

I haven’t received a confirmation of despatch email?

Please check your junk folders as sometimes they can be sent there. If its not there, please send us an email to check.

I received a duplicate item?

Please return the duplicate item or items to

Love Amber x

2 Haygreen Road




Please include a note telling us what happened and Simon will refund you the return postage. We will also investigate why this occurred.

Thank you for letting us know.

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please contact me.